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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 21, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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kennedy: thanks for watching tonight, make sure you watch friday. a special show, it's the best of the "the independents," penn gillette and greatest fights, for matt and kmele, i'm kennedy. have a good night. >> good evening, everyone,the results of the super tuesday midterm elections leaving no doubt about were the big winners and the big losers. we begin tonight with the apparent demise of the tea party. candidates back by tea party support nearly shut out on the day led by mitch mcconnell with tea party challenger matt bevin. senator mcconnell 160% of the vote, and bevin only had 35%. tea party candidates losing in idaho and georgia. the long pseudo-victories of the tea party coming in georgia's republican primary to replace
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congressman phil gingrich. state senator, tea party candidate, forced to run off with former congressman bob barr. that is the closest the tea party came to a victory. david perdue easily distanced himself from three key party candidates. in a july runoff for retiring senator saxby chambliss bbc. a new tea party poll adds to this thing of these primary results for the tea party. cbs news survey showing tea party support has fallen to just 15% nationwide. that is an all-time low. and republican support for the tea party has fallen as well. the republican party now dropping dramatically down 10% in just the past three months.
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in the former first family failing in their efforts to get chelsea's mother-in-law's elected to office in pennsylvania. marjorie margolis attracted just 27% of the vote and pennsylvania's race for the 13th district congressional seat despite numerous campaign appearances by both the former president and the former secretary of state. and senator mitch mcconnell is the big winner in the general election. using her democratic primary victory to try to distance herself from president obama. and of course from obamacare and harry reid. >> this is a frustrating time in our country. the economy is still struggling and people are working harder for less. here in kentucky, we feel it more than most. and it seems no matter how many elections we have, nothing gets better in washington, it only gets worse.
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los zetas because of the people at the top in both political parties. if we keep sending them back, nothing will change. no matter who the president is. i won't answer to them. lou: the leadership of the little parties, this could be a different kind of campaign than we expected. the latest poll shows mcconnell and wondered in in a statistical dead heat. only one separating the two and the tea party's latest defeat comes from 166 days before the midterms are joining. joining us now to breakdown the primary results as the former member of george w. bush's senior staff on the brad blakeman. gotti, it's great to have you here with us this evening. let me start first. then, this is an overwhelming victory for the gop
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establishment candidate. what are your thoughts, and what are the implications for the rest of the primary? >> i think the tea party is an important part of the republican party, but it's not the only part. let's call it what it is. they are a party in name only. they tend to gravitate towards republicans. they never run individually under their own brand. it's important for them to have a voice. i like to call it the mainstream and we have to understand that in order to govern us, we have to win in order to win would have to attract democrats and independents and that's what we are seeing in a more mainstream approach in november. >> scotty, what are your thoughts? >> last night you said that we lost. but in reality i don't believe that we lost but we had a pretty big win when it came to mitch mcconnell. not every tea party group is behind mount evans and the majority were not. we weren't necessarily active for him, but we definitely came out from the beginning talking
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about the most conservative minority leader and we knew that al qaeda had best brains was not representative of a conservative in kentucky. >> 's. lou: that is a generous interpretation of the results that we followed for a better part of a year. but there were no tea party candidates winning and the tea party, i said and without leadership in two basic parties, that is the tea party and that freedom works, they are simply extensions, if you will, of the republican party and gop analysts and strategists. so the tea party is going to have to amount to something new
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if it's going to have the kind of energy that is critically important and absolutely essential in 2010 and there's nothing like that even in evidence in the single part of the country as far as i know. >> we don't do there and say we are winning based on the numbers. we have learned that this is all about one. the power of one. so to us it is more about taking the republicans and forcing their hands, making them address the issue, to a mitch mcconnell to come up with some cannot take of this immigration issue. we cannot control who runs the tea party. no organization can see you on a tea party person and you are not. been one and that is why we are grassroots and that is why we are not an established republican party. we need to force those republicans in office to move and instead of recruiting democrats, how about we get rings to show up for voter
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daylight we have not been able to do in the past two presidential elections. >> what i say is listen to the tea party, yet they run as republicans. and if they win, they don't govern as republicans, they call themselves something different. if you want to be a part of the party, your message is our message, let's work together. because the only way we're going to change america is if we went and we already have a disadvantage in the outnumbering of republicans to democrats. so in order to win and principles to be governor of all, let's join forces and be republicans. lou: the u.s. chamber of commerce has been out in front speaking directly to the american people so are you going to do their bidding? are you going to be simply adventist dodge for the u.s. chamber of commerce while
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holding, as you say, a third-party kind of tone in all of this when the u.s. chamber of commerce is speaking in imperious per-person is? >> they are working towards constituents and that is a better opportunity for businesses many of them the republican candidate, they understand that we are more friendly towards business and they are certainly welcome invoice. >> i get that because they have about $300 million. but what i don't understand is whether or not working men and women in the middle-class are going to have their voices heard in this midterm election for the first time by the republican party. >> i think they are, all you have to do is look at the candidates that we are fielding. from sea to shining sea we have a tremendous group of republicans who understand, and
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the cycle, what we need when and what we need to win is jobs and we have to get a handle on veteran obamacare. we are sticking to the issues that matter and with the people. lou: you say we have the speaker of the house that has gone rogue. he sounds like marco rubio in the early stages of the gang of eight. >> nothing certainly is going to happen on immigration the cycle. but after republicans take control of the senate and we increase the majority in the house. >> that is because the tea party, we have kept out of issue you want to get those small businesses, those are called the tea partiers. and that is what we believe in. and that is why we are talking about it tonight and my the tea party was in every major news story today.
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but obviously we are still alive and we need to find a way to work together not the only way we are going to win. lou: we thank you both for being with us today. and we would like to congratulate you both on your victories yesterday. the obama administration announcing today to help in the effort of finding 300 cannot nigerian schoolgirls. they will be stationed in chad on nigeria's northeastern border near the radical islamist terrorist group boko haram, who sees the schoolgirls more than a month ago. nancy pelosi ended speculation about whether democrats will participate in the new select committee investigating the deposit. she pointed at democrats set up
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as a part of life. congressman adam smith called and got a republican witch hunt. and adam schiff, who earlier this month when a democrat to boycott the committee altogether, he called them a colossal waste of time. tammy duckworth, who was among a dozen house democrats, avoiding hearing testimony of those murdered in the terrorist attack on the consulate. and congresswoman linda sanchez who was deemed it eighth most liberal democrat in all of congress. president obama today finally broke his silence on the va hospital scandal. the president going right back to his scripted response and here is the so-called mad as heck president today and the president one year ago responding to then the irs targeting scandal, see if you
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can discern any similarities in language. >> if these allegations prove to be true, it is dishonorable and disgraceful and i will not tolerate it. anybody found to have manipulated or falsified records at the facility need to be held accountable and that his is outrageous and we will even be what exactly all the details and the facts are. but i have no patience with it and i will not tolerate it and we will make sure that we find out exactly what happens. >> when you're later we are waiting for someone to take responsibility for the irs targeting of conservative donors and groups. the va hospital scandal appears to be moving ahead on much the same schedule as the eye or a scandal, unfortunately. we are coming right back. stay with us. >> president obama taking a
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national wilderness area and a half million acres ago with it. someone enforcement officers say that the president has created a law enforcement free zone for drug smugglers, traffickers (mother vo) when i was pregnant... i got more advice than i knew what to do with. what i needed was information i could trust on how to take care of me and my baby. luckily, unitedhealthcare has a simple program that helps moms stay on track with their doctors and get the right care and guidance-before and after the baby is born. simple is good right now. (anncr vo) innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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one president obama setting aside half a million acres of desert along the us-mexico border. now known as the oregon mountains desert peaks national monument. he made the announcement at the interior department headquarters today. >> it is the second national monument that i have designated
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this year. the 11th overall. our preserve more than 3 million acres of public lands for future generations and i'm not finished. >> you heard him right, it is the 11th time that he has used his executive power under the antiquities act to circumvent congress during today's designation he did not address the concerns of law enforcement either local or federal who view the president's latest move is a security threat or the influence of the mexican drug cartels carrying out human smuggling and illegal immigration smuggling that is rampant. joining us tonight is one of those in the fight of security along our borders. sheriff todd garrison. it's great to have you with us. you just heard the president say he's going to do more of it. what does this half-million acre
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wilderness area set aside, that means that no one will be there, no commercial interests, what are your reactions? >> you know, it has been a concern of ours for quite some time and we're trying to get answers as to what this will be turned into. our concerns have always been about human smuggling and drug smuggling that occurs along the border in this area. we've been trying to get the senators to sit down with us when i write these bells and they've never done that. lou: where is your congressional delegation on this? why are we not hearing from them? >> the congressional district has. they have addressed it numerous times. he has written several bills that would protect the oregon mountains, which is what they say is the biggest portion. but the 500,000 acres of this area will be on the west mesa of the county, which is 20 or 30 miles from the oregon mountains and encompasses a lot
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of the land on the west side of our county right up next to the border. heading up across interstate 10 into what i call a pathway for criminal activity. lou: and that pathway probably won't be paying a lot of attention to our environmental sensibilities while law enforcement, your department included will have to stand back. >> yes, sir, that is correct. if you look at the designated spaces, you can see what kind of devastation has been done to the land and it has not been protected as they meant to protect it. we have some beautiful areas out here that need to be protected. but taking such a large portion of land out here and keeping law enforcement out of it is going to cause problems. lou: senator cruz, surely they have made their voices heard?
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>> yes, but it doesn't seem to be reaching washington. i don't know what we've asked for, to be able to test for some of these issues we have asked that it be clarified to us what would happen with local law enforcement and the only thing that is unaddressed is the federal law enforcement and the border patrol and once they get past this, it falls into the lap of the locals and we are responsible for taking care of those kinds of things in this area. lou: the border patrol has been pushed back from the border itself. your internal enforcement is what you are referring to. >> yes, sir. lou: according to what i'm sure you are aware of, and for them to hear your reaction to it. i'm fascinated with what you would say about the customs and border patrol, saying that there
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is no problem as far as they are concerned. but the customs and border patrol is continued to working closely with the department of the interior and the u.s. forest service to maintain border security while ensuring the protection of the environment along the border. now what is your reaction to that statement? >> we support our partners in the job that they do and i think that that response probably came from washington dc. if you really want to know the truth about what is happening, you should ask a retired border patrolman and they will tell you what really happens down here and what goes on day after day. one man is concerned about keeping his job and i think that they can get involved in these kinds of issues. they want to do it the best they can, but they are held back at
10:22 pm
times. >> the numbers have been confirmed and we can't even trust the numbers being provided by customs and border patrol on their apprehensions of illegal immigrants, but we do know that the number seized over the past six months, 90,000 illegal immigrants, 70% increase over last year. are you experiencing numbers approaching a? >> i don't know what the numbers are, as you say. it's hard to get the exact numbers are what happen. but we live with people from across the border all the time and we don't get involved in immigration issues as the one we
10:23 pm
know that some are smuggling marijuana, methamphetamine, you name it. tens of billions of dollars per year. this corruption is rant that, not just on one side. this isn't going to help by providing a safe haven court or for the drug cartels to transport where they are either smuggling human beings are drugs. >> i'm very disappointed in the local politicians. we have tried to talk about our issues and concerns and not one of them has ever come down and talk to us upon for a ride in the desert with us so we can show them what is going on in the disheartening. >> those folks in texas and mexico, arizona, california, the
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southern parts of their states, they live with millions of mexican citizens in the mexican citizens over the past eight years have paid a horrific price in lives taken, approaching 100,000 people murdered. i just wanted to put that on the record so people understand. >> yes, sir. lou: thank you so much for being willing to come up and talk with us. thank you. lou: it is time for a look at our online poll result. we asked about the drought growing and food prices rising. the question is can we protect our food supply and distribution? 9% of you said yes, we still can. 31% said no. be sure to vote on our poll tonight. the question is do you believe the political influence of the clintons and the tea party has been exaggerated of the national liberal media?
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lou: certain factions of the left and the right love to over state their influence. back in december the liberal handbook, the new republic, put out an article stating the clinton coronation begins, pitying joe biden continues. suggestions that hillary clinton's 2016 status is inevitable, someone should tell joe biden. if the clinton machine is so pour full, why couldn't bill and hillary swing a pennsylvania house race for chelsea's mother in law. bill and hillary threw themselves into her elect efforts and she still got just 20% of the vote, on the right we hear noise about tea party
10:29 pm
inserting its influence. when the truth is revealed, it is, they are not winning elections. we can't tell with certainty influenceing elections, many are not showing up. i've been saying for the last year, that the tea party is all but dead. don't get me wrong, i don't cheer their decapture -- departure, i am a strong supporter of tea party values and give them credit for what they accomplished in 2010, in my book "upheaval," iy wrot i wrot- >> but the republican
10:30 pm
establishment took on the tea party, we must state, they won. and president obama and his internal revenue service killed the tea party. as for clinton's inof billty it is pure bunch, hyperbole, we're coming back without that stuff. >> chinese hackers breaking through our national security fire walls, and stealing untold millions of government and business secrets. cyber security expert kevin mandia will tell us whether it is possible to protect our technology and military secrets.
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cars are driven by people. they're why we innovate. they're who we protect. they're why we make life less complicated. it's about people.
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we are volvo of sweden. lou: ebay today announced a cyberattack that took place 4 months ago compromising personal data, urging all 145 million
10:34 pm
of its customers to change passwords. the ebay stock price down less than .02 on the news. imagine that. a new report finding american businesses concerned about cyberattacks, 1200 companys have reported their concerns to the government in the last year, more than double 500 of previous year, those figures help to explain perhaps why obama administration indicted five chinese military officers for commercial esy itiay espionage. joining us kevin. >> thank you. lou: when i read numbers like that, i feel like, i don't feel
10:35 pm
like i'm being forthright, they seem absurdly small. >> i think you are getting are the numbers that people that are compromiseed, and they know they are. they choose to share it with the government. right now the vast majority of companys that are camp myselfed don't -- compromiseed don't know it, there are most folks in what i call the unawareness phase. lou: the issue of cyber security has if not on the front page, at least on business pages for a decade. i've personaly been reporting on red storm rising for 15 years. i can recall articles in all of news magazines that suddenly have disappeared. we used to hear that people were buying arrest whrod a company likarrested when a companylike . we don't hear it, why? >> law enforcement got very good, if you terp operate an --
10:36 pm
if you perso perpetrate an an intrusion state side, you get caught, but if you are in china, and in russia you can hack. these attacks will continue. lou: ebay, one of the most sophisticated technology companys in e-commerce space, they can't defend themselves against this. if they can't, what possible chance does a mid level company have? >> it depends on what you are up against, that is why the indictment was good, you cannoti economy peck business -- expect businesses to defend themselves from nation state attacks. lou: as you describe it, you are describes 21st century
10:37 pm
economic warfare. carrying out acts of aggression against this country, and firms that are effectively citizens of this country. why should the united states tolerate such behalf rohr? what -- behavior, what would we have become? >> have seen the intolerance growing, in 2011, head of house intelligence committee said we're seeing the largees largest of intellectual property in history, in 2013, my old company released document 60 pages long that brought to you doorstep of unit 61398, military unit with people in uniform in china, hacking the private sector. lou: most of them in same building, of the five chinese
10:38 pm
military officers who were charged. there is something absurd to me, i have to put this to you squarely. the united states government coming out with a justice deputy talking to the government of china about its military as if the plarc is going to extra -- pla is going to extradi officers issue privates or anyone for that matter. this is absurd, is it not? >> nobody expects -- >> don't have a stronger response? >> you see gradual incrementalism, another step, what you can hope will take place. no one should have expectations that shoulders will be arrested -- soldiers will be arrested in china right now, you can expects another discussion at some points between our nation and china, to come up with rules of engagement. lou: do you have any hope they would be fruitful talks?
10:39 pm
>> i am hopeful, i'm an optimist by nature, yo by the end of they every time the heads of state might, i believe that discussions will take place. education overtime, if you want a global e-commerce you have to play by the same rules of engagement, right now the sides are not. lou: thank you kevin, come back soon. >> thank you. lou: hope the news gets better. democratic darling howard dean made it clear he hates republican, he would like to family change america. who else wanted to do that? here he is at a colorado fundraiser last week, what sweet words he speaks. >> this country has been sold down the river by the right wing for their own purposes there are is a republican party that decided in a like power so much they think it is okay to win by taking away the right to vote, they are not americans, they --
10:40 pm
more comfortable in the ukraine or russia, but stay away from our country, this is based on right to vote. >> a lot of folks have to pack bags, or just pack for one? we're coming right back. >> southwestern drought is driving food prices higher. we look at what is happening to the family budget in the face of rising food prices and a worsening drought. we're moving our company to new york state.
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lou: now our word of the evening, hyperbole, exaggerateed statements, the reputation of something that -- representation of something that goes well beyond the faxs about that something. used commonly by politician,
10:44 pm
hyperbole. >> the drought that continues to cripple southwest, and california is expected to cost that state almost $2 billion, and 14,000 jobs according to a new report from uc davis, my next guest calls these estimates conservative, joining me now, president of california farm bureau, and third generation farmer, paul winger, you are caught in something that could not have been anticipateed. the drought. all sorts of livestock diseases, i mean, what are you going do here? >> we've been through droughts before. we've seen years '76, '77 was a more severe drought. when you think about this you have two below normal rainfall years, and a drought year, we have a water structure in california to sustain 18 million
10:45 pm
people. today we have 38 million people in the state. you know agriculture has done a great job, we have been told to become merefficient, we have doubled or agricultural production on the same amount of water we had for last 40 years, there is not a lot more we can do. we have to look to the environment, we're using 18 century, technology, to think that fish have to survive by putting more water down the river without due discourse and scientific research to why these fish are disappearing. lou: also, agriculture also has not been quick to eliminate manuel labor by replacing with with auto may be, and -- automation and more sophisticateed equipment, 38 million people, you support more than half of the plo produce and vegetables that go to the rift
10:46 pm
of the nation. >> absolutely. lou: what is the solution here because it does not look like irrepresentative of fact you had try weather before it does not look like it will en well. >> it better end well or it will have impact for not only california. lou: we're talking about 30% increase and produce and fruit prices already. >> absolutely, that i continue, we have farmers and ranchers with permanent planning that could have their livestockers that detective be decimated. i don't think that 38 million people in california have been through these kind of droughts before. lou: paul come back soon, we'll keep our audience updateed on this story throughout. >> this an important subject for the country, thank you. lou: thank you, paul winger, california farm bureau. >> president's response to v.a.
10:47 pm
scandal, well his response was almost coerceed. and it sounds quite familiar. our radio talk show host monica crowley and john gibson joining us innext. stay (mother vo) when i was pregnant... i got more advice than i knew what to do with. what i needed was information i could trust on how to take care of me and my baby. luckily, unitedhealthcare has a simple program that helps moms stay on track with their doctors and get the right care and guidance-before and ter the baby is born. simple is good right now. (anncr vo) innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. ♪ now printing is so affordable and convenient,
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lou: ouruotation of the evening, this quote from english righter, if you believe that your thoughts originate inside your brain, do you also believe that television shows are maiden side your television -- made, inside your television set? time for a few of you'v your co, free copys of my new thriller
10:51 pm
border war to the authors of the comments. cowritten with jim born. 4 thoughts to last night's poll question regarding whether or not we can protect our food supply. steve, we need to protect them from government regulations first, than nature. and on last night's quote, larue tweeted we could use a wise person like ronald reagan now, it really makes you wonder, where are the great leaders today? we know where they are, right? and if president obama only finds out about scandals os on t have taken please on his watch through the news, i wonder what he has learned this week? we love your food back and -- food back and thoughts. go to our facebook page and
10:52 pm, joining me now, some of my favorite radio talk show hosts. fox news contributor monica month and john gibson. we start with obama continued to learn about scandals through the news media, and it is a rare priv long to be so needed by a chief executive of the nation. >> amazeing thaing that presides learning about irs, and benghazi, and "fast and furious" now v.a. through the press, nice to know we're so important in the president's life. the bigger issue, more profound points is that he ran in 2008 on the platform of being transparent, open, and accountable, restoreing faith in government. on the v.a. he said, this is
10:53 pm
deplorable we'll fix it, he has been in office 6 years, and has not fixed it, and we see a scandal growingly leaps and bounds, we ran on that platform. that is now a real joke. lou: that competence has been overwhelming iing in display. john, i said here about a year ago that tea party was all but dead, it looks like it is dead for all practical purposes. do you disagree with that? >> i do, kind of. lou: i prefer they go strong. >> well, yeah, but i think their ideas are alive. and even those establishment candidates that won have you know, moved a little bit over to the tea party ideas and so i think that tea party is done what it needs to do, maybe it will have a further life later on, but look. voters, who identified
10:54 pm
themselves with as tea party-types, couple years ago like the 30% rate are down to 15%. and they are the ones who said we want people who can win and we' good candidates, we don't want more kristine o'donnells or todd aikens, they pick people that they think can win. rather than people that they you know, their idea call hearts are sisim patricko. lou: it will be interesting, i have to say, same -- fbi director astonishing phao*erb hiing me, hiscomments about beid as he came in to become the head of fbi the strength of the radical is lastic terrorists, and he is relaxing no tolerance marijuana policy forcing agents to turn away their best
10:55 pm
prospects for hackers, for example, and agents. i authority that was rather accommodating. then he reverses himself, what in the world is going on with this guy. >> his nomination came up, people we know and respect, hawks, tough law enforcement people said james comby is terrific, a solid guy this is the best appointment this president has made, then within the space of 24 hours he comes out with surreal, and bizarre comments in particular on marijuana use, he said the kids come in, they know computers they know hacking we want to recruit them but they are smoking weed on the way to the fbi interview. then he said, well if you are smoking weed you can still apply, head of fbi saying this, one of the top law enforcement officials what does that mean? is that a harbinger we're moving to change federal laws to marijuana use? what are you going to do?
10:56 pm
colorado, washington it is legal. so, all of those -- >> how is he going to get anybody to work for him if half's nation's youth is smoking pot, the president is smoking pot, he has to acome date himself to the reality of the employee pool. >> thigh may pave the -- they may be paving way for legaling a ining a of marijuana across the board. lou: perhaps that and that agency critical need for hackers, and those who can you know well, respond to them, thank you so much monica, john gibson, you look like you are having too much fun in dallas. >> fabulous being here. lou: that is it for us, we thank you for being with us, tomorrow, senator john barrasso of wyoming, georgia republican
10:57 pm
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have a good night. neil: called it mcdonald's getting grilled. protesters circling on the illinois headquarters with a shareholder meeting. what they want to see is have them play nice on minimum wage to double at $15 an hour so workers don't have to protest like they are id eleanor. things got so bad mcdonald's had touche set down facilities that 50 protests were clergy and most of the others were also told were union mem


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